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My Songs.

1. The Man She Loves

A jazz club patron is enthralled with a beautiful piano player, but he knows deep down even if it appears she’s looking at him, she’s only thinking of the man she loves.


2. Wrapped Up In Your Kiss
Sitting on her sofa in front of fading firelight, a woman’s thoughts linger on her lover’s kiss.


3. Sand and Sea
The vibe of Bossa Nova and the beaches of Brazil. 


4. Things Haven’t Been the Same
What can you do when everything around you reminds you of your lost lover?


5. The Man of My Dreams
She knows he’s out there, now she’s waiting for him to show up at her door.


6. Breezy Summer Night
A young couple walk hand-in-hand under the stars and trees on a warm evening.

The Greatest Dad

The circle of life.


Scott Krippayne - vocals

Scott Anderson - piano

Gary Ballard - acoustic guitar, mandolin, steel guitar

I Keep Thinkin’ of Your Love
A shy ballet student struggles to meet the expectations everyone puts on her, then the boy who plays piano for her class helps h
er realize her inner strength.  


Dana Sedgwick - vocals

Scott Anderson - piano

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