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Steve Millard grew up in Arlington, Virginia in a house filled with the music of Beethoven, Brubeck, Parker, Getz, Dylan, Chopin, and church hymns.  His father played piano and sang in the Walker Chapel Church choir, his older brother Howard played piano, trombone, and guitar, and his other older brother Kevin played piano and saxophone.

In elementary school Steve played piano and drums, then switched to alto sax and flute in junior and senior high.  At Yorktown High School, Steve played in the band and jazz band under the direction of Richard Ramsdell.  At Pomona College, Steve played in the jazz band under the direction of Bobby Bradford.

After college, Steve put music on hold and moved to Seattle to get a PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Washington.  Later he picked up the sax again, studying with Johnny Jessen and Don Lanphere, and playing in some local big bands.  In the Fall of 2000, a piano in need of a babysitter rolled into Steve’s life and he began lessons.

Since then he has written jazz, country, and pop songs. He has released two CDs: Wrapped Up in Your Kiss, a collection of original jazz standards, and Steve Millard x 2, which includes a country ballad of family and a teen ballad of love. Steve currently lives in Seattle with his wife Stacy, and enjoys visiting his grandchildren in Pittsburgh.

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